July 30th, 2013:  The weather has turned warmer again after a fairly long cold snap and the fish are biting!  The Lake Trout fishing has not been as good compared to most seasons but I’m betting that will change this week since Regi and Dr. White are concentrating solely on Lakers for the week.  They always end up with a bunch of trophies and one around the 40 inch mark so we’ll see how they make out this week.

We had a short two day spot last week with only a few guests in camp so we invited up some family and friends, it was a nice little break from the daily chores and routine.  Some of our friends do not fish as much as we do and their take on the Northern fly in fishing lodge was different than our typical guests.  Please take a minute to follow this link and read their short story. http://watermattersblog.wordpress.com/2013/07/21/nature-trumps-technology/

Aswap Lake has been producing a lot of huge Pike again this year, it started off a bit slower than normal and there have been a couple of off weeks but for the most part it’s been fantastic fishing!  Joint Lake has also been very good this year, I’m lacking pictures from the groups who have visited Joint Lake but I know from their reports that the fishing has been very good.

I’ve collected a lot more pictures recently so here’s a bunch!


This picture was taken by Dan Cunigan just a couple of days ago the day they were leaving.  He used a panorama function on his camera to blend it all together, just amazing!!