November 18 2013 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

November 18th, 2013:  By now most of our guests and potential guests have received our yearly fall newsletter, if you did not receive one because you have moved or you are not on our mailing list, please let us know and we'll be happy to send you a copy.  As mentioned in the newsletter, we will be attending 3 sport shows this winter, two of which are in the Chicago area and the other is in [...]

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September 2013 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

September 3rd, 2013:  Our last guests for the season are at Aswap right now and then the fishing season will be over for another year.  Our last lodge guests and most of the staff departed mid August so I've been taking some time to get some other work done and for the most part relaxing for the past 2 weeks.  It's back to work for me now, I'll be getting some more supplies for the lodge [...]

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July 30 2013 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

July 30th, 2013:  The weather has turned warmer again after a fairly long cold snap and the fish are biting!  The Lake Trout fishing has not been as good compared to most seasons but I'm betting that will change this week since Regi and Dr. White are concentrating solely on Lakers for the week.  They always end up with a bunch of trophies and one around the 40 inch mark so we'll see how they make [...]

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July 17 2013 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

July 17th, 2013:  It's been a busy couple of weeks with an overabundance of trophies!!!  The group who just departed on Sunday known as SST had a total of 42 trophy fish including: 28 trophy Pike, 10 trophy Walleye, 3 trophy Lake Trout and one trophy Brook Trout!  This will probably stand as our best week of the season and although there weren't any oversized trophies, it was great to see so many big fish caught [...]

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July 4 2013 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

July 4th, 2013:  Happy 4th of July!!  We woke up early this morning to a solid downpour along with a great light show and extra loud thunder!  It was a welcome change from the 90 degree temperatures we've had over the past 3 days and for the first time ever, I'm looking forward to the cold front that will be hitting this weekend.  The surface temperature has jumped up into the 70's but it's really just [...]

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June 22 2013 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

June 22nd, 2013:  Other than a few showers so far this season, our weather has been fantastic!!  The fishing has been very good as well, lots of big Pike lately with some great Lake Trout, Walleye and Brook Trout action!  The new boats are a hit and our break water seems to be helping with keeping the wave action down so the boats don't get beat up as much while tied to the dock.  A more [...]

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June 12 2013 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

June 12th, 2013:  Another great 10 days of fishing!!  It's been raining for the past couple of days but before that we were enjoying 80 degree weather with little wind.  The rain is somewhat welcome to help keep any potential forest fires from starting up and to help bring the water level up just a bit more.  The water has come up to a normal level but it's still a bit lower than I like to [...]

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June 2 2013 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

June 2, 2013:  Camp opening is a lot of work!  The outpost camps are ready and the guests have arrived.  The water is still rising and the fishing has been really good already.  Most of our trophy Pike caught this year have been on small lures like jigs (not always on purpose) and the Walleyes are schooling in the usual spots like West River, Hole #1, Mink and Woods Channel.  The Pike are in the bays [...]

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May 17 2013 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

May 17, 2013:  I flew back to the lodge a couple of days ago and things are looking better than expected with the ice.  We now have enough open water in the back bay to land the float plane and the ice in the big parts of the lake has really taken a beating over the past few days.  Gorgeous weather today, we were in T-shirts at 8:00 a.m. working on the ice building a wave [...]

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May 10 2013 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

May 10, 2013:  I flew a few staff into the lodge yesterday and there is still a lot of ice.  We cut a few holes with the ice auger and it's pretty thick ice but it's starting to break down as it was not very strong.  There was not much open water anywhere, except right along the shore and around the rivers.  If we get a couple of weeks of good weather, there should be a [...]

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