Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts

Enjoy a world-class fishing adventure in our remote northern getaway. Our natural abundance of fish, clean air, and scenery makes Bolton Lake Lodge and Outposts your ultimate fishing destination.

Northern Manitoba’s best kept secret is yours to discover. We invite you to experience everything we have to offer, from our natural lakes to our magnificent wildlife. It’s all here waiting for you.

Whether it’s spring, summer or fall, Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts is ready to accommodate you. Book your vacation today to experience everything we have to offer.

Call us today at 1-800-665-5321 or visit our rates page for more details.


Experience Everything We Have To Offer

Imagine waking up on a warm sunny morning and breathing in that fresh Northern Manitoba air as you begin your daily fishing expedition. But before leaving you stroll over to the lodge for a hot home cooked breakfast.

Then you head down to the dock where your boat is almost ready. Your professional guide has taken care of all of the details and reminds you to sit back as he loads up your gear. Your only job today is to take in the scenery and catch enough fish to have a shore lunch.

You visit a variety of places on the lake where you reel in some of the largest fresh water fish you’ve ever seen. Amazed at the size of your catches, you stop and take a few photos to show your friends for when you get back home.

Around noon, your guide points to an area on the side of the lake where you will take a break and have lunch. You sit back and admire the scenery as your guide prepares an authentic shore lunch of freshly caught fish.

For the rest of the afternoon you continue to reel in the big ones and soak up the sun. You are so proud of how many fish you caught today that you can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

After your active day of fishing, you head back to relax in our full service lodge. We are there to welcome you back and make you feel at home as we prepare you a hearty supper with all the trimmings.

Just when you thought the day was over, we invite you to relax in our lounge and recap your day. You are met there by several other fishermen who can’t wait to share their story about the one that got away. With a full selection of cocktails and drinks available, you decide this will be a perfect way to end your day.

That’s another typical day at Bolton Lake that so many guests have enjoyed.


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