July has been a much nicer month for weather than June was!  The fishing has been great, we’ve had tons of really nice Walleye, some big Lake Trout and the Pike fishing has been good too!  The Pike have not been as easy to find compared to most years because of the excessive rains in June and subsequent lack of weed growth but they are still here and we’re still finding them, but some in odd places.  We even landed a Lake Trout in mid July at the East Rapids when they should be in 40-80 feet of water.

We have been taking bookings for the 2018 season and June is already starting to really fill up!  We still have some space but it’s going quickly.  There is going to be a rate increase for 2018 to help pay for some runway improvements and some newer heavy equipment to do the work.  We’re planning a winter road this year and a consultant was just in camp to help us figure out how to make our runway better able to withstand excessive rains.  It’s a long term plan, but in the next few years we’re going to expand the runway to take in larger aircraft again.  We’re bringing in a rock crusher this winter which will help with a better base on the runway with materials that will bind together better than the natural gravel we have been using.  Since we’ll have a winter road this year, we will also be replacing some of our large fuel tanks to help reduce the risk of spills.  Our capital expenditures this year will be much higher than most other seasons but in the long run it will make a big difference.