Frequently Asked Questions

What type of fish will I catch fishing on your lakes?

Bolton Lake, Joint Lake and Aswap Lake all have Northern Pike and Walleye as well as Whitefish, Perch, Burbot and Suckers. Bolton Lake and Joint Lake also have Lake Trout.

From the lodge at Bolton or from either one of the outpost camps, a day fly-out trip for Brook Trout is available to our guests at an additional cost.

What should I bring on my fishing trip?

At Bolton Lake Lodge, you only need your fishing gear, rain gear, warm clothing, polarized sunglasses, a camera, toiletries and other personal items like books or music that you may like to bring. Many of these items are available for rent or to buy at the lodge but most guests like to bring their own equipment and gear.

If you’re going to Joint Lake or Aswap Lake Outpost Camps you should also bring groceries or send us a grocery list to pick up, a depth/fish locator, a sleeping bag, a towel for after showering, and beer, soda and/or water unless you’d prefer to order these items from the lodge to keep your group weight within limits. A sample grocery list is available to help you determine everything you need to bring for an outpost trip.

When is the best time to vacation at your lodge?

There really is not a bad time to come to Bolton Lake Lodge or our outpost camps with our catch and release policy implemented in 1988 that has ensured that all our trophy and near trophy fish have been released to continue breeding more big fish.

The best time of year depends more on what the guests are looking for. If they want to be the first guests to work the post spawn areas on the lake and are not concerned about cold or bugs then late May and early June is their favourite time to fish with us. If they prefer better weather and the chance to fish the Walleye and Pike in 8-12 feet of water then late June through August is the best time for them.

Do you have a convenience store on-site where I can purchase items such as soap, razors and food?

We have a tackle shop located in the lodge available to all of our guests where, in addition to tackle, we sell over-the-counter medications, sun block, bug spray, Bolton Lake Lodge clothing, toothpaste, toothbrushes, candy bars, chips and a few other items.

Do you provide discounts for groups and families?

Yes, for groups of eight or more and for groups travelling with children 16 years old or younger.

Can I bring alcohol on my trip or is it available onsite?

Yes, you can bring your own and yes, it is available at the lodge.

Is there a place to check my email and surf the internet while on vacation at your lodge?

Yes, we have a computer in the lodge for the guests to check email and surf the internet. If you’re going to Joint Lake or Aswap Lake, you will not have access to the internet.

Do I require a passport to travel to Canada?

Yes, it is law to have a Passport to travel to Canada.

Can I take some of the fish that I catch home?

No, we have not allowed take home fish since 1991 and we have seen an improvement in our Walleye fishery because of it.

What else is there to do at the lodge besides fishing?

Many guests like to take a jog or walk on our runway and paths that we have built. Others will set up a card game, watch a movie or the satellite TV in the lodge, sit back and read a book, enjoy an outdoor fire by the lodge or paddle the canoe or kayaks available at no extra charge.

If you have any questions about our lodge or facilities, please contact us for further information.