September 3rd, 2013:  Our last guests for the season are at Aswap right now and then the fishing season will be over for another year.  Our last lodge guests and most of the staff departed mid August so I’ve been taking some time to get some other work done and for the most part relaxing for the past 2 weeks.  It’s back to work for me now, I’ll be getting some more supplies for the lodge this week, I’ll be starting the newsletter, I’m getting more work done for our new air service business and by the middle of the month I’ll be back up North flying charter flights with the C-206 for about a month.

We flew in some of the supplies to start building the new cabin at Aswap, plans to actually build the cabin have been put off until 2014 because of the cost of the 12 new boats at the lodge this year.  Buying the boats was obviously expensive, but getting them in was a lot more than anticipated and it took over a month of work in prime booking season so the costs really soared.

Here are a few more pictures from the season!