Kitchi Lake Outpost

Kitchi Lake has been remodelled and in 2017 we will have our first guests back in there in almost 15 years! A forest fire in 2002 burnt most of the woods around Kitchi Lake but spared our island where the cabin still sits. In August of 2016, we did a lot of work to the cabin including a new roof, new paint, new screens on the deck, new laminate floor, new walls, a new fridge a new stove, a new heater, new beds and we remodelled the bathroom to include a toilet, shower and vanity. The cabin was originally built to accommodate 6 anglers but to satisfy the smaller groups looking for the outpost camp experience, we have now made the cabin a 2 to 4 person outpost camp! There are still 3 boats at the camp so we could actually take a family of 5 or 6 but that means sharing the double beds.

The fishing on Kitchi Lake consists mainly of Pike and Walleye. There are tons of Walleye all over the lake because of the great structure of islands, points, narrows and creeks flowing in and out of the lake. There are plenty of large shallow bays perfect for big Pike hunting for prey post and pre spawn. The big Pike will also be found mixed in with a large school of Walleye, waiting for an opportunity to grab a Walleye that looks vulnerable. Later in the season, there are some beautiful weed patches that hold big Pike in the oxygenated waters that also provide cover for ambushing Walleye and Perch. Pike will hit just about anything that moves, which also includes smaller Pike, small ducks, frogs, mice, snakes so any type of spoons, spinner bait, rattle bait, top-water bait and big swim baits will work on these fish. My personal preference is a big Musky Killer made by Mepps, Bulldawgs made by Musky Innovations and Johnson Silver Minnows when fishing in the weeds. For Walleye, a plain old 1/4 to 3/8 oz jig head with a Berkley Gulp Alive type tail will do the trick any day of the week. Rapala and Storm crankbaits will also produce a ton of fish while trolling around islands, points and through narrow channels with depth of 10 feet or more. Check out the map which shows the dozens of productive fishing areas, play the wind as it will push the bait into a bay and change the water temperature.

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