July 17th, 2013:  It’s been a busy couple of weeks with an overabundance of trophies!!!  The group who just departed on Sunday known as SST had a total of 42 trophy fish including: 28 trophy Pike, 10 trophy Walleye, 3 trophy Lake Trout and one trophy Brook Trout!  This will probably stand as our best week of the season and although there weren’t any oversized trophies, it was great to see so many big fish caught this week!  I spent the week guiding as well and in my boat alone, along with 3 trophy Pike we also boated two 39 inch Pike and a handful between 35 and 39 plus a 26 inch Walleye and probably 4 others at 25 inches and my boat was just the average!!!  Barry’s boat had 12 trophies during the week!!  Marcel’s guests boated 4 trophies in one day!  Willie, Regi, Cedric, Mark, T3, Ray, Jon and the rest of the guys all put their guests on big fish this week, it was amazing to watch and be apart of!

This week there are no signs of things slowing down, we have already boated 15 more trophies including a 45 and a 46 inch Pike and that’s just the first 3 days of the week!!!  The weather is looking great, we’ve had some wind lately and I think yesterday was probably the windiest it’s been all season but at least we’re not dealing with 90 degree weather and sweating like crazy!

The outposts are doing very well too, lots of great fish and happy fishermen!  Having an extra guy here to do all the clean up and maintenance is paying off!

Enjoy the pictures from the past 2 weeks and if you’ve been here recently and I didn’t get your pictures yet, please send them!!  Obviously there are more trophies that I do not have pictures of yet then what I’m posting because there are only 28 new pictures in this bunch and there were a lot more trophies than that caught lately!!