Bear Hunting on Bolton Lake

Our Bear Hunts are taken in the spring when the bears are extra hungry and have a very nice coat.We have only been taking 3-5 bear hunters per season which has made it easy to keep the success rates so high, but I will be applying for more tags for 2017 as we believe that we can sustain at least 12 hunters per season.  The earlier in the spring is better than later as the leaves are not on the trees which helps for spotting them and the bears have not started to rub yet.  The biggest bears tend to come out of their dens earlier than the smaller ones.  We have a bunch of baited stands and trail cameras we use to see which spots are getting hit the most often and what quality of bears are coming into the stands.  We have pictures of multiple bears at the stand at once, wolves, Lynx, skunks, eagles, vultures and hundreds of bear shots from our trail cameras and we keep a log to know exactly when we should be in place.

Our hunters are allowed one adult bear without cubs and an unused bear tag can also be used to take a wolf.  Our licensed guides will skin your bear for whatever type of mount you would prefer and you can take some meat home as well if desired.  Our success rate is 100% for our spring bear hunts, please do not shoot the first bear that comes to the stand, unless it’s a real good one!  Color phase bears are very common in our area and you can target any particular bear you see on the cameras.

           One Guide-Two Hunters                   One Guide-One Hunter

5-day               $3499 U.S.                                                   $3899 U.S.

6-day               $3699 U.S.                                                   $4099 U.S.

7-day               $3999 U.S.                                                   $4299 U.S.

Hunting Packages Include:

  • Winnipeg to Bolton Lake return airfare.
  • Accommodations in a private cabin for every group with full bathroom facilities, and a deck overlooking the lake.
  • An Experienced Guide every day.
  • Home Cooked meals prepared by our cook.
  • Daily Maid Service
  • *All prices are per person. Taxes, fishing licenses, hunting licenses and gratuities are not included.


    A $2000 deposit is required when booking your trip. This deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. Trip balance is due 30 days prior to trip start date.

    Bolton Lake Lodge is not responsible for weather conditions, acts of war or acts of God affecting your trip.

    Lodging Arrangements

    If you arrive in Winnipeg a day or two before your booked dates at our lodge, we will make hotel arrangements for you near the airport. We’ve partnered with

    many reputable local hotels to secure special discount rates for our guests.

    Hotel Pickup

    We will pick you up at your hotel on the day you travel to the lodge.  You will then be put on a scenic flight to our northern Manitoba lodge.

    Within a few hours you will arrive at Bolton Lake Lodge where you will relax until your hunting expedition begins.



    Don Brandt pictured below with a couple of different bears has been a long time guest of Bolton Lake Lodge.  He has been fishing with us for many years and has recently decided to take a couple of bears while on his trips with us.  He would be happy to discuss our hunting and fishing opportunities with you, feel free to contact him by email at  or by his home phone at 515 961-3024.

    Dan Simpson has also been hunting and fishing with us a bunch of times with friends and family.  Please feel free to contact him on his cell at 1-720-256-7525.

    AJ McDonald pictured below with a nice cinnamon bear as well as his son James with an even bigger cinnamon have fished and hunted with us a few times too!  AJ would also be happy to discuss bear hunting at Bolton Lake with you, feel free to give him a call at  970-667-2950.