July 4th, 2013:  Happy 4th of July!!  We woke up early this morning to a solid downpour along with a great light show and extra loud thunder!  It was a welcome change from the 90 degree temperatures we’ve had over the past 3 days and for the first time ever, I’m looking forward to the cold front that will be hitting this weekend.  The surface temperature has jumped up into the 70’s but it’s really just the top of the water column that is that warm, if you’re treading water your legs are in much cooler water.  Many guests and staff have been in swimming this week to help cool down and enjoy the lake.

The fishing has been very good in spite of the hot and calm weather, we haven’t gone a day without a trophy yet this season!  The big Walleye are in a bit deeper water off the points and in the narrows.  There are some great weed beds coming up and the big Pike are moving right in.  The Lakers are going deeper with this hot sun but we’re just using a bit heavier weights and having great success with huge Lakers already this year!

Both outpost camps are doing very well!  The fishing at Joint Lake has been very good and the best spots are within a few minutes of the camp.  Most guests are saying that right in front of the cabin there are all the big Walleye anybody could ever dream of!  The last group in there had a bunch of big Pike caught over in the big Southwest bay!  The last group at Aswap did very well too, they had a bunch of Pike in the mid to high 30’s and a couple around 40 inches but they couldn’t quite break the 41 inch trophy mark.  It was their first year on the lake so next year they will have their spots and baits narrowed down.

Enjoy the pictures from the past few days!  I’m hoping to get a lot more emailed to me soon and off the guides’ cameras when they remember!