May 4th, 2009: My commercial license is done! I will be legal to fly the Cessna 206 float plane with guests this summer when required but we’ll still have a full time pilot on staff for the season. Having my commercial license will make things much easier with scheduling in case our pilot needs a break, gets sick, hurt or any other unexpected problems arise during the season.

We flew into the lodge last week for the first time since October and everything was just the way we left it! There was still a lot of ice last week but temperatures have been pretty good and the rivers were starting to open up. The ice is down to about 28 inches which still sounds like a lot but once it gets down to 14 inches or so it just falls apart. The fuel and freight hauls have not begun yet but we’re planning to get them going next week. All the snow is off the runway and it’s drying up nicely.

The updates will begin to become more frequent as we get closer to opening. I expect the ice to be late but most likely just before our first guests arrive.