March 18th, 2009: It’s starting to look like spring up here in Winnipeg, finally we have some melting! We’ve had a great run of bookings over the past 10 days or so, over 30 guests have booked trips with us recently so we’re very excited to see a turn around! We still have some prime dates in June that we might fill with a Tv crew to update our videos and get our name out there again, but we’re going to wait a bit to see if we can get some more guests in there first. I’ve updated the open dates on the rates page again.

We have arranged for a new float plane for this season to transport our outpost guests and for Brook Trout fly-outs. The new plane will be slightly larger and will be able to handle just a bit more gear than the Cessna 185 we had last season. The performance and comfort are expected to be much greater with the new plane as well. Below is a picture, I’m looking forward to getting back behind the controls this summer!