July 10th, 2007: The weather has been pretty good lately, we’re still getting a fair bit of rain but the temperatures and the winds have been good. The fishing has been quite good lately, there have been a lot of trophy pike and a few Walleye, Lake Trout and Brook Trout mixed in as well. Not to mention, yours truly was blessed with catching a 21 inch Sucker!!

Last week we had a group of 3 fishermen who wanted a fly out for Pike. I told them the only lake I had with boats was Kitchi Lake but I wasn’t sure what the fishing would be like since it has been untouched since 2005 because of a forest fire which shut the fishing down. They were happy to take their chances and see some different waters, and they made out quite well. The 3 of them fished from about 8:30 a.m. until about 5:00 p.m. and they landed over 200 fish and the largest was 42 inches!! They found some spots completely full of Walleye and others that had a bunch of Pike, so they were quite pleased with their fly out and so am I since we’re planning to reopen the camp in 2008!

Over the past 2 weeks there have been some great stories of families fishing together and getting some great fish. Judge Buffy and his son caught 2 trophy Pike one after another on the first night that they arrived. Yvon was their guide and they landed a 41 and a 42 inch Pike, the younger generation with the 1 inch lead! Then the three Terlep brothers came in and each landed a trophy Pike, Peter with a 44, Tom with a 41 and Mickey with a 45! Unfortunately, dad was beat out again, but I’m sure he was happy to see his boys with their huge northerns. Joe Danes Jr. and Joe Danes Sr. also caught trophy Pike on the same day but this time the older generation came out ahead by half an inch with a 43 compared to a 42.5! Then Ron showed his son Jeff how to land 42 inch Pike and 20 inch Brook Trout, a father’s work is never done!! But it’s not just the fathers and sons with all the glory, there have been a few husband and wife combinations getting in on the action as well. Shannon showed Mark how to catch a 28 inch Walleye, Tim and Rich showed their wives Pam and Ginny how they come to Bolton Lake every year and land 41 inch or bigger Pike!

Here are a few pictures: Unfortunately Ron’s Pike and Brookie are not here, Judge Buffy and his son’s Pike are not here, Tim and Rick’s Pike are not here, and Mickey’s 45 inch Pike picture was lost. If any of you are reading this, please forward me the pictures, thanks!