July 16th, 2007: The weather has finally turned to summer here, it’s about 75 degrees and sunny with just a little breeze! They’re calling for nothing but sunshine all week, so everybody is happy, especially the guides who have been out in a lot of nasty weather this year. There have been a bunch of trophy Pike and a few trophy Walleye caught over the past week including 2 more 45 inch Pike. Last week I reported about a few families and some husband and wife teams who were doing very well in the trophy department. Tim and Rick were here with their wives and showed them how to catch big Pike. The wives were quick learners, Pam landed a 39 inch Pike and Ginny got a 41 before the 5 day trip was up!

We had our best day of the season on the Brook Trout fly out last week. The two guests landed 18 Brook Trout and 3 were trophies! This time last year we were getting similar results, so I’m sure the next few groups will do just as well.

Here are a few more pictures from the past week: