June 26th, 2007: Sorry for the lack of updates, it’s been suggested that I call them bi-weekly updates! The weather and the fishing have been up and down lately. We seem to be getting rain every other day which I guess keeps the grass green and the forest fires away so we can’t complain too hard. It’s a bit cooler today with a north east wind and it’s suppose to rain at some point in the day but it hasn’t started yet. We’ve caught some really great fish lately including a very healthy 45.5 inch Pike and Manitoba’s third largest Whitefish ever at 27.5 inches. This also beat out our earlier records of 26 inches at Bolton and 27 inches at Joint Lake.

I have heard lately that if you’re in the process of getting a passport but you have not yet received it, you’ll still be allowed to travel! This is mostly unconfirmed, but I’ve heard it from more than one source so I believe it’s true. There are massive delays with passports being processed so that’s why they’re allowing people to travel.

Here are some more great pictures!