February 8th, 2012: It’s been a while since my last update, it’s amazing how we can get so busy! Over the past month I have visited St. Louis, Indianapolis, Chicago, Madison, Milwaukee and Las Vegas. We’re taking a short holiday and then we’ll be back to more shows in Minneapolis and Phoenix before the month is over. As busy as I’ve been, I still took a bit of time to ice fish with Adam (new guide last season) and Tom earlier today but just for a couple of hours.

The shows have been pretty good so far, Chicago was the busiest as usual so it was a good thing I brought Tom down to help me out. We still have some spaces to fill, so please email or call if you’re looking for a time to come fishing with us! With all this traveling lately, I’ve had a good look and the new Winnipeg Airport and it’s a massive improvement from the old one. Everybody will be very impressed with the new terminal, it’s incredible!

I bought a Polaris Ranger which will be a great asset to have at the lodge for next season, getting it there will be a challenge as usual, so that’s what Tom and I were planning out while we ice fished today. We’re thinking we can sneak it in on the winter road like we did with the truck, but it’s been fairly mild up north and there’s more snow than the last time we attempted this so we could run into some open creaks and slush. We’ll break the trail with the snowmobiles and then let that freeze before we drive the Ranger in. Plan B is to use a Bombardier with a sleigh to haul the Ranger in. Plan C will be too expensive so hopefully it doesn’t come to that. Of coarse we’ll do a bit of ice fishing while we’re waiting for our trail to freeze up for a couple of days. I plan to get a lot more videos of these expeditions, ice fishing and throughout the regular season to add to the website.

I’ll report again in March with more information about our plans for the 2012 season.