March 12th, 2012:  It’s warming up in Winnipeg very quickly!  By the end of this week there probably won’t be any snow left in town and I might even be wearing shorts if the long range forecast is accurate.  I got out ice fishing a bit more this winter with Adam, we did well on Lake Trout and we landed a few Whitefish before the blizzard started and the fish shut down so we were happy to get off the ice roads as they were getting filled in quickly.

The biggest news of the week right now is that we’re sold out at our outpost camps for the season!  I don’t think I’ve ever been able to say that before, but luckily this year the spots all filled up and at this time we do not have any openings!  There are often late cancellations so I’m keeping a list of guys who are still interested in fishing this season and hopefully they are still available if a week opens up.  The lodge is not quite as busy as last season but we’re working hard to fill in some more groups.  I’ve been offering very good deals around the 4th of July to fill in that hole and I think we’ll get it mostly filled up before the season gets going.  The end of July could also use more bookings as we get busy again for the first 2 weeks of August.  If you’re thinking about coming up around then, please give us a call and we will be happy to work out a date.

We have not made the trip up to the lodge this winter, it’s been very mild and the roads were short lived.  Our old trail has many creeks and swamps so it would have been full of slush and possibly some open creeks.  We’re thinking about attempting a late season run when most of the snow is gone but that might not be possible.  If not, I’m going to sell the Ranger and fly in a new quad.