December 29, 2008: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

The Sport shows are about to begin in a few days and we’re looking forward to seeing many new and old guests in Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Des Moines and Omaha! For a complete list of our shows and a coupon, click here.

It’s been a cold early winter here in Winnipeg, almost too cold for any outdoor activities! I was a few flights away from taking my commercial flight test when I separated my shoulder playing indoor soccer. Then the weather turned too cold for the small trainer planes and then the holidays hit. Now I’m forced to wait until I’m done with the sport shows and the weather gets a bit better for flying again before I can do my flight test. In the meantime I’ve been working on my written exam which I’ll write before spring hits.

I have updated some of our open dates at the outposts and the lodge but sport shows really changes a lot of things so calling or emailing for availability is always best. For those guests holding space without deposits, please be aware that your spot is vulnerable if another perspective buyer is ready to put down a deposit on your dates. We will always try to call and find out if we can let the space go but many times at the sport show if we don’t have the date the guest is looking for, he books somewhere else so we might have to make a snap decision and you could lose your spot. It’s always a lot more difficult for us to find out after the sportshows that a group has to back out of their dates or has to change spots because those marketing dollars are spent and the chance to sell that open spot has decreased significantly.

The cost of fuel is very low, airfares are coming down and the exchange rate is the best we’ve seen in three years!! This means that our pencils will be sharpened at the shows to fill in a few more spots, make sure to drop by and see us!