October 27, 2014: The 2014 fishing and hunting season has come to an end and we’re already getting busy for 2015! The newsletters will be out in about a week which should help keep the phones and emails busy until the holidays! I would love to find some time to get some Whitetail hunting in this fall but it might not work out. Good thing I ended up with a few chunks of meat from the Moose hunt this fall!

We had three hunters come in this fall and we fought the weather for almost the entire time. It started off unseasonably warm, T-shirt weather in late September and then the wind switched around to the north and it snowed! We actually left the lodge with snow on the ground, and two foot drifts around the buildings! Fortunately we were able to call in a real nice Bull (see pictures below) and we saw a few other Bulls but couldn’t get into a shooting position quickly enough before they vanished into the bushes. I expected to see a few more Moose but the weather sure didn’t help.

The new cabin at Aswap is ready for guests in the spring! We’ll just have our regular set up work to get things going which will take about a day so hopefully the ice goes out on time or early in 2015. The cabin is a massive improvement from what we had before and the new location is much better for winds which will allow guests to fish every day regardless of the wind! I’m updating the pictures on the Aswap page of the website as well as the sportshow page and the hunting page.