October 10th, 2006: Sorry for the lack of updates, it’s been a hectic fall with shut down and getting into a new routine with the baby. We have now completely moved into our home office so please see the address below and on our contact us page. The newsletters will be mailed out at the end of the week, we’re taking a drive down to Grand Forks, ND to save on some postage and to do a bit of shopping while the Canadian dollar is strong.

The Moose, Bear and Wolf hunt was very encouraging. On the first night one of the hunters shot a wolf, on the second they shot a bear, on the 4th day they shot another bear and it was huge! Unfortunately both bears were only wounded and were not found. They saw 9 moose including 2 bulls but didn’t get a good chance on one and the hunter passed on the second as it was only 2 or 3 years old. I’m hoping to get some of the footage of the smaller bull as it’s nature show quality footage since the moose was only a few yards away and he stood there posing nicely for the camera. There were quite a few wolves around, the bears were hitting the baits well but the moose were not in full rut while we were there. We plan to push it a week later next season, it may be a bit cooler, but it should result in better success.

Jodi and Jordan are doing very well. Jordan is nearly 4 months old now but I can’t get her to say daddy yet. We feel very fortunate to have such a healthy, happy baby and it’s sure nice that she’s been a good sleeper too!

Bookings for 2007 are going very well. I’ve been waiting to hear from some of the groups who were with us in 2006 before I sell their spots, but I’m going to start making a lot of calls in the next few weeks to start filling the holes and confirming the groups we have booked now.

Here’s the new address:

Bolton Lake Lodge
36 Foxgrove Trail
St. Andrews, MB
R1A 2T3

Our 1-800-665-5321 has not changed, but our local number is now (204) 757-7442 and if you’d like to send a fax, call first and we’ll hook it up.