August 8th, 2006: We’ve had a run of pretty good weather lately and the big Pike are still hitting in hole number 2, the airport patch and a bunch of other nice weed patches around the lake. The eating size Walleye have been cooperating very well almost every day, but the larger ones have gone into hiding. I think there have only been a few trophy Walleye in the past couple of weeks. The Lake Trout are down deep, but we’re still catching some nice ones down there with downriggers and weights.

We had a guest who came up with a group of guys who didn’t have much fishing experience. One guest in particular named Clint had never fished before but wanted to join the group and be here with them. Clint surprised us all by catching a monster Pike in hole number 2 with just a bit of coaching from his guide Tom! Please see the picture below of Clint, Tom and a very healthy 42.5 inch Pike.