November 20th, 2003: Not too much new going on lately. We’re getting ready for the Sportshows, click here for our schedule, and we received some very positive feedback on our Newsletter. Bookings for 2004 are looking great! We have a few outpost spots left spread throughout the season and the lodge is almost completely sold out of June dates. Unfortunately, we’re not going to make as much when we go to trade in our U.S. dollars (about 25% less), but at least when we’re in the U.S. we’ll have a better exchange at the hotels and restaurants we visit.

I put in the order for 4 new boats for Aswap Lake last week. Worst case scenario, we fly them all in from God’s Lake, best case, we pull them in over the ice. I’ve also made arrangements for my carpenter/guide to come in early to finish off the cabin at Aswap. I expect we’ll go in on ski’s and spend at least 10 days putting in new windows, updating the heater, and closing in the walls.

I’ve updated the Bolton Page, the Planes Page and I’ve created the 2003 Newsletter Page. Please take some time to check out the changes.