November 4th, 2003: It’s been a very busy fall, sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been to Vancouver to visit my sister, Montreal to fish for giant Musky and to Texas to buy a fishing boat. I’ve also been busy putting together next year’s schedule, making the Newsletters and making a new brochure for Elk Island Lodge. We’re driving down to Pembina, ND tomorrow to stamp and mail nearly 3800 newsletters. If you do not get one, please call or email for a copy.

Our trip to Vancouver was very nice, it’s a great city with lots to see and do. However, we did not go fishing, so I’m going to skip to the Montreal trip details. In three days we boated 12 Musky and lost 6 others. Our biggest was 47 inches caught at about 7 p.m. so it was too dark for a photo. All the other Musky we caught were in around 35 – 38 inches click here for a couple nice pictures.

The boat we bought in Texas is a used Nitro Bass Boat that we plan to use on the Red River in Winnipeg to fish for the giant “Green Back” Walleye. We’ve taken it out a couple of times this fall and we caught a bunch of Sauger and one nice 25.5 inch Green Back. The weather has turned very cold and the snow that has fallen refuses to melt, so it’s time to put the boat away until next season. It’s not much compared to Bolton or God’s Lake, but it’s fun to get out there.