May 3rd, 2006: I just returned from Bolton Lake after completing our fuel and freight haul. The ice should all be gone this week as most of the lake was open when we left and there was only ice remaining on the main body of the lake. We could access any part of the lake if we had wanted to except for the West river because the wind was blowing the ice in that direction. Joint Lake had one sheet of ice remaining on the lake and it was relatively small. From what I could see of Aswap Lake, it appeared to be completely free of ice, but even if there was a bit left, there won’t be any in the next couple of days which will be the same on all our lakes.

The fuel and freight haul went extremely well. The warm dry weather helped the airstrip maintain it’s form even with the heavy aircraft coming in to deliver the fuel. We also brought in a bunch of supplies including a new tow behind mower, a new pressure washer, 2 new washing machines, some new decorations for the lodge, and a handful of new motors. We also brought in our beer, pop, water and other supplies for the season. For Aswap Lake we brought a new refrigerator and battery and solar system along with a couple of new toys for both Aswap and Joint Lake. Those will remain a surprise until the groups arrive.

Jodi is still feeling great, but her back is starting to get a bit sore from carrying our baby around. She’s due on June 3rd, but we’re ready anytime the baby is ready to make his/her appearance! I think the baby will be a bit late since this is our first so my guess is June 10th. We hope that Jodi and the baby will be able to visit in August, but that will depend on how both of them are doing.

This is going to be a great season based on how well the fuel haul went and how beautiful the weather was while we were there for the week!