March 9th, 2006: Only one show remaining for this season, only one outpost spot to sell and only 2 and a half months before camp opening!! We’re gearing up for one of our most hectic seasons with a new addition to our family, the new responsibility of running the lodge on our own, a new assistant manager, a new chef and a new way to fly in all our supplies. Fortunately, almost all the other staff including the girls who clean the cabins and serve the meals along with the majority of the guides will all be back next season. Having a seasonal business creates a bit more than normal turn over in staff, but we’re proud to say that a lot of our staff have been returning for over 7 years, and very, very few only do one season with us! The new chef we’ve hired has some great new ideas for breakfast, suppers, appetizers and deserts and he has some great experience working with some of the best chefs in Winnipeg so we have very high hopes for this year.

The last outpost spot for the season is a new one at Joint Lake. August 2nd – 8th (Thursday – Wednesday) is now open for up to 8 guys. For a group of 4 or more the special rate for this 6 day spot is $999 per person, for 3 guys the rate is $1249 per person, for 2 guys the rate is $1499 per person.