May 10, 2013:  I flew a few staff into the lodge yesterday and there is still a lot of ice.  We cut a few holes with the ice auger and it’s pretty thick ice but it’s starting to break down as it was not very strong.  There was not much open water anywhere, except right along the shore and around the rivers.  If we get a couple of weeks of good weather, there should be a drastic change, but if the weather is cool our next set of guests might have to be rescheduled.  Cross your fingers for good weather!

The water is still really low but once the ice goes, it should change a lot.  There are rocks sticking out of the ice that are normally well below the water line.

We have our fuel and freight haul scheduled for next weekend, hopefully the runway will be dried up enough to handle the heavier planes.  I only spent the day in camp yesterday as the weather was calling for rain and snow today so I decided to avoid flying in that and come right back to Winnipeg last night.  I will spend the next few days getting all the freight together for the big haul and then back to the lodge to get the runway ready for the freight and fuel.