June 11th, 2014:  The ice lasted until about May 29th and then there was just a small sheet left over in the Southwest corner of the main lake.  Since then we’ve had a mix of beautiful hot weather to a cold snowy day and everything in between.  The fishing has been outstanding!  For the first week of the season we were catching trophy Pike constantly and now we’re getting a nice mix of trophy Pike, Walleye and Lake Trout.  We’ve only had one group take the fly out for Brook Trout so far because of the late ice but they had a great day with 12 Brook Trout boated and 5 of them were trophy size!  One of the Pike fly out lakes has been pretty good, when I went to set it up with a couple of the guys we landed 4 trophies in about an hour, then we had 2 single guests take day trips and there were a couple more trophies caught as well as a bunch of 35-39 inch Pike!

The water level has risen about 2 feet from when we first arrived, I was concerned with the low level but now it’s just above average so it’s working out nicely.

The outpost camps continue to produce, our second group into Aswap landed 26 trophy Pike and the guys at Joint Lake have had some great Walleye fishing and some real good Pike and Lake Trout too.

Our bear hunters did well too.  Three out of four hunters shot bears but only two were recovered.  The third one got into some real thick underbrush and the search for him had to be called due to darkness.  There had been wolves pictured on the trail camera at that bait so there’s a good chance the wolves had a big meal that night.  Of coarse now that the bear hunt is over we’re seeing them in every corner of the lake.

I need to collect camera cards from more guests and staff but here are a few pictures from the past 2 weeks: