May 27th, 2014:  The ice is almost all gone!  We made it to the West River last night and again today but we had to break through a bit of ice to get there.  The guys had some trouble getting back to the camp today with the ice getting shifted around by winds but other than a bit of prop damage, it all worked out.  We were finally able to start getting the docks into the water today, we had to wait until the ice was completely gone because it can do serious damage if the wind pushes the loose ice into the dock.

The fishing has been amazing!  We’re only 4 days into the season with guests and we are catching a ton of trophies!!  The big Pike are especially hitting hard in the shallow bays, around Mink Creek and in Hole #1.  The Walleye are done with spawning and are also very active.  Only one boat decided to break some ice today and try their luck with Lake Trout and they found a couple up in the East Rapids which is a real fun spot to fish at this time of year.

The water levels have been coming up steadily and we’re basically at a normal level now but I think it will continue to rise and end up at a higher than average level.  With the late start we still have work to do like finishing the docks, setting up the Trout Pond boats, setting up the fly out spots, getting fire wood out to the shore lunch spots and launching a couple more boats etc.

Bear hunting has been much slower than we are accustomed to but they’re starting to come out now.  I expect our 3 hunters to get opportunities over the next few days.  Our trail cameras have caught a few wolves near the bait stands but just a couple of bears so far.

Check out our pictures!!