July 7th, 2014:  It’s been a crazy couple weeks with great fishing, bi-polar weather, huge fish and good times!!  The big Pike have been hitting consistently as well as the Walleye and Lake Trout.  Each visit to the Brook Trout river produced multiple trophies and a season high one day total of 26 Brook Trout!  Our motor was stolen for the 4th time off the River despite being locked on the boat so we may not be offering many more trips there since we’re running out of outboard motors.  There will have to be weight and weather restrictions so that we can bring the outboard in and out with us each time we go.  The Pike fly-out has been incredible, two of this year’s 46 inch Pike and a monster 48 incher came from the fly-out and we’re only charging $200 per person based on groups of 2 anglers!  We can take up to 4 guys per day for Pike and 2 for Brook Trout along with the guides for the day.

I’ve been doing a daily update on my Facebook page with the picture of the day, the only problem is choosing the picture when so many big fish are being caught daily!  Check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bolton-Lake-Lodge/

Not much else to say except to show off the pictures from the past couple of weeks!  Enjoy!