July 28th, 2014:  We’ve had three more weeks of crazy weather and big fish!  It has not rained in over a week but the 2 weeks prior more than made up for the rest of the season.  We had lots of big rain showers which played havoc with the runway conditions but our water levels are up, the rapids are running fast and strong and there are no signs of any forest fires this year!  For the past few days it’s been in the 70’s and low 80’s with a nice North breeze, very nice conditions for fishing!

Our day fly out trip for Pike has been very productive, we’ve now landed two 48 inch Pike there, as well as a 47 incher and 5 more 46 inch Pike!  We’ve come up empty handed there a few times as well but for the most part it has been very successful and worthwhile.  The groups who came out of Aswap and Joint Lake this week both had Pike in the 40 inch class, as well as 28 and 29 inch Walleye.  The guys at Joint Lake also boated about 20 Lake Trout with the biggest being 35.5 inches.

The following 50+ pictures from the past 3 weeks can do the rest of the talking for me!