July 24th, 2009: Again with the rain and wind! It’s been a tough season for weather, every time we think it’s settled in, another storm system comes through. The fishing has been pretty good with the weather we’ve been getting, the mornings and evenings have been the best. No matter what the fishing has been like, the shore lunches and meals at the lodge have been outstanding according to all of our guests this season!! Some new varieties at shore lunch like a Walleye pasta, the Walleye stir fry and the Mexican Walleye Baker have all been amazing. I know this first hand because I’ve made it out to a few shore lunches this month!! I can say without a doubt that we have the best shore lunches in Manitoba and possibly anywhere in the world! Chef Robin has continued to amaze our guests with creative and mouth watering meals night after night, I wish I had his energy, passion and skills!

Here are some more great shots from this season: