August 3rd, 2009: The weather has finally settled in for a few days and the fishing is picking up again! The group who just left Aswap Lake yesterday landed 13 Pike between 41 to 44 inches, I’m hoping they’ll send me some pictures!! The group who flew into Joint yesterday called in this morning to report that they’ve already landed a 42 inch Pike and a 38 and a 40 inch Pike! Yesterday at Bolton the bigger Pike were starting to bite here as well with 2 40’s and a few more between 36-40 inches, I’m looking forward to the reports at the end of today.

The Lake Trout were the biting last week as well. One guest landed 5 Lake Trout in the “Master Angler” class of 35 inches and bigger, his biggest was 38 inches and close to 30 pounds!! Regi (his guide) will have to invest in a new digital camera so that I can post more of his trophies!

Here are a few more pictures from the last week or so: