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Trevor and Jodi Dick are the 2nd generation owners of Bolton Lake Lodge. Trevor’s father Brian Dick bought Bolton Lake Lodge in 1988 as a project for the Manitoba Government. His job was to sell the lodge as it owed money to the Province, but there was a lot of dispute over who he could sell the lodge to. In the end, Brian bought Bolton Lake and his plan was to give it a quick overhaul and sell it to whomever he wanted for a quick profit. Brian quickly learned that Bolton Lake was a special place with unlimited potential for expansion and improvements. All of Brian’s kids worked at the lodge in one capacity or another over time as it became the family business.

June 30th, 2018 Update

So it's been a while since I've posted on my page as I've been doing fairly regular Facebook posts but for those who are not on Facebook, here's a big update on what we've been up to.  Last season we struggled with excessive rains which made our runway unusable on at least 6 days when we needed to bring in airplanes.  So I spent $150,000 on equipment and building a winter road to get some more [...]

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July 2017

July has been a much nicer month for weather than June was!  The fishing has been great, we've had tons of really nice Walleye, some big Lake Trout and the Pike fishing has been good too!  The Pike have not been as easy to find compared to most years because of the excessive rains in June and subsequent lack of weed growth but they are still here and we're still finding them, but some in odd [...]

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June 2017 Update

Our season is well underway and it's been interesting!  We expected an early ice out, but in fact it was a bit late however just in time for our first guests!  We expected the water levels to start off quite high but they were just below average and now with all the rain we've had, the water level is quite high.  We have never seen so many days of rain and tough weather in such a [...]

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January 2017 Update

I'm getting ready to hit the road with Tom to promote fishing and hunting at Bolton Lake and our Outpost Camps!  We will be in St. Charles, IL starting on Thursday at the All Canada Show with a ton of great exhibitors and displays!  The All Canada Shows promote only Canadian fishing and hunting destinations, they have great speakers, some nice boats and a pretty good shore lunch.  For tackle, Thorne Brothers set up a pretty [...]

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