July 13th, 2016:  Well that time flew by!  It’s been a great season with lots of big fish already, some pretty good weather for the most part and a great season for staff!  Our pilot Marc and his helper Isaac are doing an excellent job keeping the outposts clean and running smoothly.  They are both very hard working and they make sure the guests have everything they need for their trips.  Heather, Kelly, Deane and Jackie are keeping everything clean here at the lodge and Heather is making sure everyone is overfed!  I’ve had a tough time resisting all the deserts and I’ve actually lost a few pounds this season, but it hasn’t been easy!  The guides are making sure the guests are catching fish, having amazing shore-lunches and keeping them safe out on the water all day.  We’ve had 2 days so far this season that have been less than comfortable for fishing or even being outside but the guests are making the most of it with naps, books, free Wi-fi, and movies.  As soon as the weather turns back to normal, it’s back to fishing!

Earlier in July it rained really hard thru the night and most of the following day.  The visibility was really low as were the clouds so we were unable to get the charter planes in that day.  Since then, the lake has come up roughly 18 inches!  In 10 days the lake level went from quite low to a bit on the high side.  If it keeps going up we’ll have to build up on our float plane dock!  In Southern Manitoba the heavy rains have washed out roads and areas have declared states of emergency, I believe some of that rain water is working it’s way up through our river systems which is helping to bring our levels up.

The big Pike have been hot and cold this year, this new water level has certainly affected them but just yesterday we had a guest with 6 Pike from 35 – 43 inches all to himself!  There have been a bunch of trophy Walleye and some big Lake Trout as well.  The Brook Trout were really good before the water levels went up, now they are a bit more spread out but we can still find them!

Here are a bunch of pictures from the last month or so.  Most of these can be found on our Facebook Page which is updated daily.