February 1st, 2006: We’re in the middle of sport show season and we have 4 left to do. This weekend we leave for Indianapolis, followed by St.Louis then DesMoines for a new show. Please click this link for dates, locations and a coupon to a sport show near you. Then we’ll only have Minneapolis to do at the end of March.

We are not planning to build a winter road this season as the weather has been much too mild. In the past we’ve trucked a ton of motors, gas, propane, and other supplies to God’s Lake over the winter road and flew everything from Elk Island over to Bolton. By using the all weather roads that go to Norway House we will be able to fly all our supplies into Bolton in the spring and it’s only about 10 miles further by air from Norway House to Bolton compared to Elk Island to Bolton. I have ordered my motors, propane and many other supplies already, but this year it’s nice to have some time to get everything.

The season is shaping up very nicely, there are only 2 weeks left to sell at the outposts and limited space at the main camp. We have created a number of 3 day spots on the schedule that are a bit harder to fill than the longer trips so we’re offering a special rate for any 3 day spot of $1500 per person. May 28 – 31, July 22 – 25, July 16 – 19 and July 27 – 30 are all open for that special rate. Joint Lake is open July 2 – 9 and Aswap is open July 16 – 23. If your group is looking specifically for big Pike, then Aswap is the spot. If your group likes variety and larger Walleye, then Joint Lake has it all to offer with nice Pike, Lake Trout and some of the best Walleye fishing around.

We look forward to seeing you at a show in the near future or to hear from you on the phone…we’re almost always available on our toll free number which rings to our cell phone when we’re not in the office. Evenings and weekends we’re available when you have time to plan your next trip.