August 16th, 2007: Things are starting to wind down at the lodge now, we still have about a week left before the lodge is emptied out, then the outposts empty out by September 10th and then the moose and bear hunters come in for a couple of weeks at the end of September. The weather has been a bit cool and windy for the first half of August, but the weather is supposed to start improving tomorrow and stay sunny for a few days. I’ve had a few guides off the water for a few days and we’ve been able to get some projects completed. The new deck on cabin 1 is complete and we’ve expanded the deck on cabin 2 and 3. We have more lumber coming in to build a deck at Aswap and we’ve spent a couple of days at Joint Lake painting the floor, fixing a leak in the roof, fixing some boards on the dock, fixing the front step and doing a bunch of other maintenance. We’re also going to paint the exterior of the cabin at Joint Lake when the new stain comes in later this week.

Here are a few pictures from the past week or so: