August 9th, 2007: We’ve had another great run of trophy fish lately, but for early August the weather has been very unpredictable. Normally we can count on warm days with the occasional thunderstorm, but we’ve been weathered out for flying already twice this month and the forecast is calling for rain almost every day this week. Fortunately we were still able to move all our guests, but there were some delays and some missed flights departing Winnipeg. Some guests even opted to stay in on a couple of windy/rainy/cold days and I don’t blame them! We had a group of 12 guys come in who lost some fishing time on the first day because the flight was delayed due to weather, then they stayed in the last day due to weather so they only had about 3 and a half days of fishing. On the bright side, when they went out, the fish were biting!! They landed 13 trophies during their stay and I lost track of the number of fish they landed that were just under the trophy size of 41 inches. One of our best days of the season was just last week when we landed 7 trophies in one day!

Another group of 5 who were here at the same time landed 4 trophies in 3 days, so it’s been great lately!

Please send in your pictures so that I can get some more posted on the site! Here are a few of the trophies we landed within the last week or so.