April 5th, 2005: We just finished our last show in Minneapolis and now we’re gearing up for a great season!! The weather has been very warm here in Winnipeg, and above normal up North as well. Our guys up North say that it looks like it’s going to be an early break up this year since they’ve been have +15 degree Celsius weather for the past few days and there’s a lot of melting going on. Next week we’ll be flying Yvon and Winston into Joint Lake to do the work on the cabin, but we’re a bit worried about the condition of the ice. We have our Cessna 206 on skis hauling in the supplies to Joint, but they say near the dock there’s only 8 inches of ice, so it could be gone at the dock by next week. I’ll keep the updates coming.

We still have some of those same holes to fill, and there’s another spot that has opened up in June at Aswap this year. I’ve called all my people on the waiting list for Aswap, but it’s just too late to fill that spot because most of the people taking trips this year are already booked. It’s June 19 – 26 if anybody can fill it. Other than that, we have some late May dates, which will be quite prime this year, and then nothing until July 17th for a 3 day spot. I have a bit of space to fill towards the end of July and early August and then we’re done for the season. The television show that was taped in 2004 has been playing again this week on The Outdoor Channel, check it out if you have not seen it yet:

Broadcast time: Monday April 4th, 10h30pm EST
Reruns; Thursday April 7th 11;00 am
and Sunday April 9th 12:30 am