April 20th, 2005: It’s been nice and warm here in Winnipeg for the past 3 weeks and the ice has started to melt a lot. The rivers are open and soon I’ll be able to land a float plane at Joint Lake where the crew is working on remodelling the cabin. They’ve enjoyed some beautiful weather and have caught a few Pike in the open water in front of the cabin. Work is going well and they have all the supplies they need to get finished, but I hope to get out to them so that I can bring them some fresh fruit and meat. It never fails, as soon as we push a few groups back so that we don’t have to worry about ice, we run into a very early spring. This will be a lot nicer kind of opening since we will not be trying to get everything done and open minutes before the guests arrive, and in last year’s case, after the guests’ arrived.

We’re looking forward to another great year at Bolton and the improvements will continue again through out the season. One idea is to build outhouses strategically located around Bolton so that the guests do not have to travel back to the lodge for a washroom break. We have more and more guests who come up with their wives and daughters so this will be a welcome addition for those guests in particular.

I have one space that has come available June 5 – 12 for a group of 2, and I still have a bit of space at the end of May for groups who want the spring fishing.

I’m also selling our outboards from seasons past. If you or anybody you know is looking for a good used motor at a heck of a price, give them my number.

We’re excited to get started…it’s just around the corner now!