April 4th, 2007: I’ve been told that it takes up to 10 weeks to get a passport now, so please do not wait any longer if you’re flying to Canada this year and you still do not have a passport. We’re going to have our busiest season since 2001 so we’re very excited about this season. In 2008 we’re planning to reopen Kitchi Lake provided the cabin, boats and fishing are all still good at the camp. We’ll be taking groups into Kitchi to test fish it throughout the season so that will be a new fly out available to the guests this season.

It’s looking as though it might be a late spring this year. It’s a bit early to call but there’s a lot of snow and ice up north so we need warmer temperatures than we’re getting right now. The weather is supposed to improve next week but the long range forecasts are a bit of a guess. We’ll be going up to the lodge next week to attempt our fuel haul on the frozen runway. Last season we waited until the end of April and the frost had already come out of the runway when we were there so it needed a lot of packing before we could bring in the Hawker which delivered 1600 gallons of fuel on each trip. When things go well we can get up to 5 trips in one day which would give us enough boat gas and almost enough Av gas for the season. We’re also planning to bring in all our freight including 65 large propane cylinders, pop, beer, beans, corn, a new fridge, more building supplies, all the new motors, a few barrels of used canola oil for bear baiting, and a bunch of miscellaneous purchases we’ve made throughout the season for the lodge and outposts.

Jodi and Jordan are doing great! Jordan crawls and makes a lot of baby noises and she likes the dog better than any of her toys. Poor Niko is taking a lot of abuse from Jordan, but she’s very good with the baby. It will be great having the girls at the lodge with me again this season, I know I wouldn’t survive without them there.

If you’re not already booked or if you’re looking for a second trip this year, please check the rates page for the updated open dates.