February 13th, 2007: Well most of our sport shows have come and gone with only one left in Cleveland and another in Minneapolis. It’s going to be a very busy season this year so we’re really hoping for great weather and great fishing! Our new motors are on order, most of the staff is hired for next year (it’s easy when you treat them right and they come back year after year), the lease for the float plane will be signed next week and we’re going to be working on ordering the building supplies to finish up the new cabin and to put a couple of new decks on some of the cabins. I’ve bought a bunch of Lowrance X96’s locators for the guides this year and I’m going to be sending the older units to the outposts so if a group doesn’t own a locator, they can have something to give them their depth.

It’s cold as heck in Winnipeg, too bad there are no shows in Florida for me this month! It’s supposed to warm up this weekend so I might be able to take out my snowmobile and go ice fishing somewhere nearby. Please check the rates page for updated availability at the lodge and the outposts.