April 13, 2004: It’s starting to look a lot like spring here, but the temperatures are still a bit low. We sent in Harley our mechanic to Bolton Lake last week and he’s getting the runway and other things ready for the season. It’s good to have a guy at the lodge at this time of year so we can get updates on ice conditions and weather. It’s too early to tell when the ice will be out, but in Southern Manitoba we have very little snow left and all the rivers are wide open.

There’s a lake just North of Winnipeg that I usually use as a gauge for when the ice will be out at the lodge. About two weeks after the ice goes out on Gull Lake, the ice should be out at Bolton Lake and the Outposts. Weather plays a very key role, but it’s a good rule of thumb.

Winston and Yvon, our carpenter/guides will be in Winnipeg by the weekend and we’ll be sending them to Aswap to work on the camp inside and out.