September 26th, 2005: That’s the longest I’ve gone without doing an update. I have been at Elk Island Lodge for the past few weeks helping out with the September fishing and I did not have the right programs for updating the websites from there. We’re all finally back in Winnipeg after a great year of fishing. The weather could have cooperated a bit more when we were trying to move guests, but at least during the week the weather was pretty good for fishing. We had a great season of Pike fishing with a 47 incher caught at Bolton and another at Aswap. The Walleye didn’t stop biting all season and the biggest of the season was 30 inches again. We caught 2 Lake Trout that were 40 inches this year at Bolton one in June and one in August. We’re already looking forward to next season and the bookings are shaping up nicely. For the next few weeks I’ll be writing the newsletter, updating more things on the website, finalizing the details for the sport shows and working towards setting up for next season.

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