September 25th, 2003: We’re back from closing up the camps. I have a few days to get my Newsletters started and then I’m going out East to catch my first Musky. If all goes well, we will be able to recommend a great spot for fall Muskies.

We spent the last couple of weeks at our other lodge on God’s Lake (Elk Island Lodge). The weather turned cold, windy and we had lots of rain in the last couple of weeks, but the fishing was still awesome. The Trout came up shallow and we were casting for them in 5 feet of water. On one of the best days of fishing I have ever seen, I was fishing with my brother and a friend. We landed two 40’s, a 40.5, a 41.5, a 43 and I tried to pick up another by hand that was over 40 inches but it shook off the hook before I got it in the boat. There were at least another 12 between 36 and 40 inches.

July 11th: The weather has turned back to normal and so has the fishing!! It took a while for the fishing to recover, but yesterday we caught 8 trophy Pike. In 2 hours last night in the “cabbage” weeds one boat landed 4 trophy Pike, a 41, two 42’s and a 44 incher. I’m looking forward to getting those pictures.

By popular request, here are a few more pictures: