September 2nd, 2003: The season has just about come to an end at Bolton Lake. There are a couple more outpost groups to come, but the lodge is shut down for the season. Please use our Winnipeg email address ( ) to send pictures or ask questions.

We had a great ending to our best season ever. Even though Canada / U.S. relations were at an all time low, our bookings were actually up from last season. The weather (other than the lodge threatening forest fire) has never been so cooperative. The staff worked well together and received countless compliments in the dining room and in the boats. The fishing was superb; we landed a 48 inch Pike and six 46 inch Pike along with over 300 other trophies. Most importantly, the guests all left very happy and a little heavier from the greatly improved meals in the dining room and shorelunches.

Bookings for 2004 are coming in a steady pace, please call to confirm your spot for next season!