September 10th, 2012:  Things have wrapped up for the fishing season at Bolton Lake, what an amazing season for big Pike!!  The Lake Trout, Walleye and Brook Trout all cooperated very well too but the trophy Pike count was off the charts!  We finished off the season with a great group at Aswap Lake who caught 20 trophy Pike and had a bunch of other ones on.  The say that one in the 50 inch range was in the net but managed to roll out and get away…the big one that got away again!  They did land a very healthy 46 inch Pike, no shame in that!  Our last lodge guests also had great success with Pike and Lake Trout including a 44 inch Pike and a 39 inch Lake Trout!

The fall projects are moving along well, below there are some pictures of the new walk way that the guys worked really hard on.  It looks great and it is a very nice improvement to our walking path between the cabins and the lodge.  Unfortunately our loader tractor broke down so we were not able to create the break water we wanted to but we’ll continue that project in the spring after we repair the tractor.  The new paint on the lodge and cabins looks great, that was another huge undertaking but luckily the weather allowed us to get the job done.

Please enjoy our last bunch of pictures for the season: