Remote Fly-in Fishing in Northern Manitoba

Thinking about going to a fly-in fishing lodge to do some trophy fishing? Bolton Lake Lodge and Outposts provides exactly what you are looking for. Our full service lodge provides fishing enthusiasts a complete fishing getaway like no other at affordable prices.

Whether you plan on going with your fishing buddies or family, we can provide everything you need to make your fly-in fishing trip a memorable experience. Bolton Lake Lodge and Outposts offers completefly-in fishing trips for those who want to experience world class fishing in one of Canada’s top fishing destinations.

We offer fly-in fishing day trips as well as remote fly-in fishing at our outposts where you can stay up to a week in a fully equipped cabin without any disturbances whatsoever. If you have ever imagined being on a lake to call your own, you will absolutely love our fly-in fishing adventures that we offer.

Choose from two unique and fully equipped outpost camps that we offer to experience fishing on a whole new level. We’ll fly you in with the proper gear, communications equipment, food, and whatever else you need during your fly-in fishing adventure. From there, you’ll be able to relax undisturbed by anyone for the duration of your fishing trip.

Each outpost offers many of the comforts you would find at home such as refrigerator, electricity, hot shower, comfortable beds, and heaters. Just because you are staying in a cabin does not mean that you’ll be roughing it.

Fly-in fishing at one of our outposts is a great way to escape the pace of everyday life and provides a unique opportunity to get away from it all. Bolton Lake Lodge and Outposts is a renown Canadian fishing destination that can provide exactly what you need when it comes to your fly-in fishing needs. Let us show you a fly-in fishing experience that offers everything you want and more! Call us today to learn more.