October 27th, 2009: As usual it’s been a pretty busy fall getting everything put away, making the newsletters and taking care of the business we just can’t do while we’re up north. The newsletters will be in the mail later this week, please send us your address if you’d like to receive a copy.

I took one last trip into Bolton Lake yesterday, I rented a Piper Warrior from the local flying school and flew in myself and a mechanic to do some more work on our Bombadier. The Bombadier is a snow machine that we haven’t used for a few years but will come in handy late this winter while we haul some supplies into the lodge. The plan is to haul a boat and a few other smaller items into Bolton from Norway House with a couple of snowmobiles and if all goes well then we’ll drive the Bombadier back out and pick up a bunch more supplies including the new trailer and a truck to keep at the lodge for the following seasons. It was nice getting behind the controls of an airplane again, we had a great tail wind on our way north but paid for it on the way back. We spotted 8 moose and 1 bear on the flight, all on the way south while we were flying lower and slower. It sure is beautiful flying with the fall colors!

I’ve had a chance to get out this fall for some ducks and geese and Cary took me whitetail hunting for a couple of days in southern Manitoba. I saw 16 deer but not one was a shooter and only a few were in range. I wouldn’t have taken a buck unless it was really something because I have a hunt scheduled next week in the interlake area of Manitoba. I’m very excited about this hunt because it’s with a professional outfitter who has a great area for whitetail, bear, ducks and geese. I hope to take a lot of great pictures and video so that I can help him promote his hunting trips and I can continue to experience high end hunts like this.

Here are a couple of pictures that were missed during the season but recently emailed to me: