November 18th, 2013:  By now most of our guests and potential guests have received our yearly fall newsletter, if you did not receive one because you have moved or you are not on our mailing list, please let us know and we’ll be happy to send you a copy.  As mentioned in the newsletter, we will be attending 3 sport shows this winter, two of which are in the Chicago area and the other is in Phoenix.  I have updated my sport show page with a coupon to the All Canada show in St. Charles, IL.  Click here for more information about the shows we are attending in 2014.

I spent about a month back around the lodge in September/October doing a lot of flying and getting some more work done around camp.  We put a new engine in the dump truck so work can continue on our break water next year.  The close down effort takes a few days but I find the more work we get done in the fall makes it that much easier to open again in the spring.  The fall flying was great, I hauled out a lot of local hunters into their trapping camps and hauled a lot of moose back to their communities!

Also as mentioned in the newsletter, we will be offering a Moose Hunt at Bolton Lake next fall.  Here is a link to the new hunting pageI created for the hunting opportunities at Bolton Lake.  I plan to keep my pilot for the fall flying next year so that I can spend more time organizing the construction of the new cabin at Aswap and to run the Moose hunt.  I’m already excited for next year!