May 7th, 2007: The season is off to a great start!! All our fuel (almost 10,000 gallons), all our freight including beer, pop, beans, corn, water, canola oil, propane, outboard motors and miscellaneous supplies have been flown into the lodge. We also passed a runway inspection, although that was no surprise since the Hawker was landing at over 42,000 pounds and he came in 9 times with all our supplies. The runway inspection was required in order to ensure that we’d be able to use a new air service this year because Voyaguer Air with their Dash 7 will no longer be in Winnipeg to service our lodge. In stead we have Perimeter Air now lined up to transport most of our guests with their Dash 8’s, below is a picture.

The ice is just about gone off of Bolton Lake! It really opened up with a big south wind the other day and the weather really was unseasonably warm over the past 4 weeks. Hopefully we’ll get more of the same during the fishing season to make it easy for the guests and planes.

I’ve bought some very nice St. Croix Rods and good reels to match in case any guests would like to rent some equipment from me at the lodge. The airlines are getting more and more strict about bringing extra bags and oversize items like rod cases. I’m renting the rods and reels for $12 per day so you can have a light St. Croix rod and Fluegger reel and a medium heavy St. Croix rod and reel for a total of $24 per day. The line will also be included with the rod and reel combos.

Here are a couple of pictures from the lodge. I just got back yesterday and took the aerial shot as we left from the lodge.